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Hunts, accommodations, and terrain information


Our guided Cougar Hunts are offered year around with hounds.  Western Outfitting has some of the best lion dogs in the state.  We offer both dry ground and snow hunts.  Our clients will have access to both ATV’s and our famous company mules during their hunt. We use state of the art GPS tracking systems on our hounds that not only guarantee the safe return of our hounds, but also allow us to pinpoint exactly where your trophy cougar is treed.  We take great pride in our hounds that have been bred and trained to track cougars in both dirt and snow! We occasionally have puppies from these excellent blood lines available for sale. Please inquire if you are interested in getting on our waiting list for one of these talented puppies.



Archery Elk hunts in the Cibola National Forest are one of the most exciting and rewarding hunts our clients can go on.  During this time, the bulls are really bugling and on the move! There is nothing more exciting than getting back in the beautiful, untraveled remote New Mexico mountains and calling in 5-10 bulls a day. With no rifle hunting permitted in this unit, Western Outfitting is able to give their clients a unique opportunity to see and hunt some amazing bulls. We use both gentle riding and packing mules as well as ATV’s in these hunts to ensure our clients have access to some of the most remote backcountry in New Mexico, giving them the opportunity to hunt some of the giant 360-400 class bulls our unit is famous for. Western Outfitting will take you on an adventure of a lifetime while hunting your trophy bull and our company mules will even help pack him out for you! We have limited landowner tags that are first come first serve. We also offer an Archery draw hunt. Our clients will need to put in for the New Mexico draw with our outfitting number to participate in these hunts. The link to New Mexico Game and Fish is provided below for more info:


Western Outfitting's guided bear hunts are a one-of-a-kind adventure. Our bear hunts begins in September and run through November. We offer limited spot and stalk hunts, but the majority of our bear hunts are with hounds. Western Outfitting has some of the top bear dogs in the country. Depending on the hunt, we use spike camps and mules to go after your trophy bear. Western Outfitting is known for our amazing trail mules that safely carry our clients into the remote back country of the Cibola National Forest and the Gila wilderness. These great mules will also pack out your trophy bear. Whether you stay in our newly built hunters' cabin or experience the fun of our famous remote bear camps, it's guaranteed to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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Depending on your specific hunt, lodging can range from our newly built hunter cabin or local hotel to a remote back country drop camp. Western Outfitting can get as extreme as our clients want while going after their once-in-a-lifetime trophy bull elk, bear, or cougar! We have gentle riding mules and ATV’s to assist in attaining the ultimate hunting experience! We use authentic canvas wall tents and teepees for all of our remote camps. Our wall tents are equipped with wood burning stoves for the colder months.  Depending on your hunt, food, water and snacks may be provided. No alcohol is provided.  If you have any special dietary needs or other necessary accommodations, arrangements must be made prior to arrival.  Western Outfitting does not discriminate and is happy to assist their clients in any way possible.

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Western Outfitting’s hunts take place in the Cibola National Forest in Central and Northern New Mexico.  We hunt the Magdalena, San Mateo, Datil, Bear, Mt Taylor and Zuni Mountains of West-Central New Mexico.  Elevation ranges from 5000 ft to 11,300 ft. The terrain is fairly moderate, and hunters should be in decent physical shape to allow for a more enjoyable experience.  The temperatures during our Archery Elk hunts can range from 25-80 degrees depending on the year. Our Upland Quail Hunts and Snow Cougar Hunts can range as low as zero degrees up to the 50-degree range. As weather can be unpredictable, our clients should come prepared for all types of weather scenarios. Comfortable shoes for walking and hiking are a must!

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